Kickoff Post – 2 Days Post-Gencon

Hi all!

This is my first foray into the gaming blogosphere.  I know that it is a few years too late, but since I do not have enough time to devote to a consistent vlog about gaming or a repository for generating tons of custom content, I feel that this blog might serve as a means of channeling my creative energies into something a bit more manageable that would allow the same generative experiences in more controlled space.  In plain English, I hope to wrangle in all my thoughts and put some of them down on digital paper.

What will I be covering in the coming posts for August and September?  A lot of it will revolve around post-Gencon activities, particularly swag that I purchased from the conventions, games that I witnessed and/or played, and general updates about events related to my geeky and gaming interests.  I hope to do some vlogs, but since school has started back up, I am not sure how soon I will get around to making them.

If you know me by real name or digital persona, or if you just happen across my blog due to chance, please stay tuned, as I hope to invite everyone into the mercurial world of my hobbies.


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