Coming Back into the Thick of It, but Still Full of it.

I had hoped to post this entry on January 1st, but as luck would have it, I spent the better part of a month putting it off.  Now that I have a few moments to post, I think that it is time to put this puppy into high gear…but not today.

Today, I might be embarking on my first foray into an online session run through Roll20.  Given that it is the third (or fourth, if you are being technical) major snow event, my usual local players are all stranded at home, watching their kids, and/or hiding from the encroaching cold.  Because of this, I am taking this bold step forward, and with any luck, we will be doing our first session with a fully integrated virtual tabletop.

If we close early, I will have a follow-up post on the results, as well as my impressions of the sessions.


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