My Sexified, Hexified World Map

Stage 1 of Project Genesis has begun with the creation of a reasonable world map for my homebrew setting.  While I am not necessary done with it, I am certain that with some modest tweaks, it will become much more dynamic (well, at least as dynamic as hex maps can get) in the future.  Enjoy and feel free to critique and/or offer suggestions.World Map


World Building 2013 – All Roads Lead to…TSR?

I have been using some of my free time to pencil in some ideas for a bout of world building.  The old pink binder of my first homebrew world (Codename:  Lanotia) has resurfaced, both literally and metaphorically, so I feel that it is time to see what I can do.  Yet, the task seems monumental and paralytic, for all roads to something new and innovative lead back to previously published material.  Here is a glimpse of some of the roads that I have been down thus far:

Track 1

  • “I have taken a lot of Latin…*Bing* Roman-themed, with a testament to political, technological, and philosophical greatness housed within a decaying empire.” 
  • “Wait, this seems familiar…” [Looks over at Arcanis]
  • “Dammit!”

Track 2

  • “Hmmm…Why is Dune in my queue of things to watch?”  
  • “…Desert Campaign World FTW…”
  • [Sad Face] “I’ll guess I can call it Dark Qadim.”

Track 3

  • “Hmmm…Martin doesn’t have the quintessential rights to dark, gritty fantasy, right?  I can do that.”
  • “First off, let’s use this nifty software to build some banners.”
  • [20 minutes later]  “It has a lion on it…”

I am starting to wonder what new ground is out there to explore with a fantasy, let alone a tabletop setting.  With science fiction, the possibilities seem boundless and fruitful for exploration, yet with fantasy, the capacity for endless combination exists, but somehow it feels difficult 1) to escape the sacred cows (i.e. elves, dwarves, and halflings; unbeatable magic; that damn starting tavern, etc.) and 2) to chart out unexplored terrain that has not been licensed (and likely Starbucks-ed).  What is truly left to explore and what is truly new? It seems that new wave mainstream and indie games that are breaking new ground tend to focus on the mechanics rather than the setting, though I must say that the concepts behind Greg Stolze’s Reign do make me feel giddy.  Perhaps a good moment of world building must start with a crowd-sourced question:  When it comes to fantasy after a resurgence of fantasy in all forms of media, where do we go from here?

An Update on Gaming, Marvel Edition

It has been awhile, but only due to the rigors of academia and academic avoidance.  However, this journey back to blogging is not without its excitement, for I have initiated what I hope to be an incredible gaming event:  Marvel Heroic Roleplaying during the Marvel Civil War.  I am not going to venture into an in-depth discussion during this post since I am still ironing out the details for the campaign world, but my first impressions are quite promising.  Borrowing from a custom character creation system from another website, my players and I have created our own little setting within the setting and populated it with some rather interesting characters (4 PCs and 1 GMPC).  As I said, I am still finalizing the details, but I hope to use this blog to discuss the trajectory of the story and give some thoughts about a much more narrative-driven experience than we are usually up for playing.

Be prepared some character specs, scene development, and system musing over the next few weeks!  Cheers until then.